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Home Inspection

Getting ready to buy a home is a large undertaking. For many it will be the single largest purchase they may ever make their entire lives. Wouldn't it make sense to check some of the most important systems of your potential home before you buy? We specialize in condo, coop and townhouse inspections in New York City. We use the latest technology and tools including thermal imaging cameras and drones to see every detail. Our inspection reports our provided by Spectora an industry leader and are delivered the same day in an easy to read and thorough manner.

Mold Inspection & Assessment

Where there's water there's mold and where there's mold we test to find it. Mold needs water, heat and food to grow. Typically these elements can present themselves in an unrecognizable way. Dust and mildew are organic compounds which can act as the food component, water can present itself in liquid form or in condensation typically around HVAC or air cooling systems and heat is caused by high temperatures in areas not well ventilated to allow for the passage of air. When these elements combine mold begins to form and grow and may take time to become visibly present.

Lead-Based Paint & Asbestos Inspection

Lead from paint, dust and soil in and around your home can be dangerous if not managed properly. Our testing is done through an EPA-recognized NLLAP laboratory.
Asbestos is a mineral fiber that occurs in rock and soil. It has been used in a variety of building construction materials for insulation and as a fire retardant. In general, exposure may occur only when the asbestos-containing material is disturbed or damaged in some way to release particles and fibers into the air. We inspect asbestos in New York State, excluding New York City and the Five Boroughs.

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